TPC-9, TPC-92 & Beadmaster 4469 Pattern Controllers

These simple, economical controllers do it all for less! They have 1 millisecond resolution, store 9 programs, have a programmable stitch function and come with their own 2.5 amp 24vdc power supply.

The TPC-9 is a 4 event (delay-glue-skip-glue) single channel controller. TPC-9 Product Brocure – PDF
The TPC-92 is a 4 event* (delay-glue-skip-glue) dual channel controller. Dual input. Dual ouput.
The Beadmaster 4469 is a 4 channel variable speed controller. It can be configured in the field to be time based (milliseconds) or distance based (00.00 inches). It can accept 1 to 4 inputs, control 4 separate outputs of 24vdc (2.5 amps) and store up to 9 programs.

*NOTE: The TPC-92 can also be an eight-event single-channel if needed

We keep these in stock for same day delivery and also have photo eyes if needed.