Packaging Plus, Inc. is an experienced distributor for packaging supplies and equipment. Our products range from hotmelt adhesive equipment, to hotmelt glue guns, to quality hotmelt parts and accessories. We specialize in Nordson hotmelt replacement parts. We have over 34 years experience in sales and service of Nordson, Slautterback and ITW Dynatec hot melt systems. We are a stocking and servicing distributor! If we don’t have the product you need, we’ll give you the toll-free number of a competitor!

Try us, we will value and appreciate your business.

A Message From Our President

Hello, I’m Doug Shafer, President of Packaging Plus, Inc. I have worked for Slautterback, Nordson and ITW Dynatec as a distributor for 34 years. Over the years, I have noticed that our revenue is generated by satisfying our customers. The checks, credit cards and trade-ins come from you, the customer.

Therefore my mission is to give you, the customer, what you want, when you want it, at a price that is fair. Many of our satisfied customers have been coming back year after year and for that I am truly grateful!

If you are ready for a better level of service and have not tried us yet, please give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!

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