Meler SF Series Gear Pump Unit

The line of SF melters features unbeatable versatility and flexibility.

SF 4 is the compact model, designed for simpler manual applications with a smaller tank. SF 10 and 20 are the older siblings, with more “muscle” and 10 and 20 L tanks, perfect for manual or semi-automatic applications that require more adhesive and higher production.

  • No compressed air needed with a standard handgun

The flexibility offered by Meler with these units allows for made-to-order customisation for clients.



Tank capacity 4 , 10 & 20 L
Melting rate (*) Up 6kg/h (SF4) – 9 kg/h (SF 10) – 19,9kg/h (SF 20)
Pumps number 1
Hydraulic outputs 2 (SF4)-4 (SF10 &20)
Number of electrical outputs 2 (SF 4) 4 (SF 10 &20)
Motor power 8cc/rev gear pump (SF10 &20) 2cc/rev (SF4)
Motor speed (*) FIXED
Motor with temperature sensor YES(SF10 &20)
Working temperature 40- 200 °C (104 to 392ºF)
Temperature control RTD ±0,5ºC (Pt100, Ni120)
Weight 40 kg (SF 4) – 65 kg (SF 10) – 66,5 kg (SF 20)
By-pass valve Mechanical /Pneumatic (optional)
Working pressure Up to 80 bar
Electrical connection 120V Single phase (SF4), 240V 2Ph (30A) or 240V 3Ph w/o neutral (SF10 &20)
Options Variable speed as optional (external box), Level detector, 240V 3-Phases w/o neutral

Meler SF4 Handgun


  • SF4 comes as a configured handgun unit
  • Variable Speed Option for the SF10/20
  • Large surface area tank for high melt rate
  • Large lid for easy loading of hot melt
  • Auto Feed system available for the SF10/20