HoseWe are offering a 10% discount off any price from your current hot melt hose supplier for any Nordson, Slautterback or ITW Dynatec hose. However, our Challenger line of hotmelt hoses have several features that are better than OEM equipment. Try one, we guarantee your satisfaction!!

Here is an example of our pricing:  A Nordson 274 793  8′ hose from ITW is only $435.00. These are a direct replacement for hoses that are on Nordson 3500s, Problue units and even the old 2300 series units.

Don’t forget, ITW Dynapack Units replace Nordson 3500 and Problue units for only $4,500.00 – Call us at 317-841-1126

As always, we have these in stock for immediate shipping or pick up.